The Startup MBA: Foundation 

Gain the confidence and skills to start your business.

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Hear from Past Startup MBA Students 

 “Two days after finishing I’ve already started acting on my plans.”Kristine Belt, Startup MBA Alum

 Who Is This Course For? 

  Escape Members

You want the freedom to do work that matters to you. You’re keen to build a career on your own terms, but you don’t know where to start.

  Aspiring Entrepreneurs

You want to start a business and you want to do it the right way. Or you’ve already started and you want help growing it.

  General Employees

You want to start a side business that’s better aligned with your gifts and passions, but you’re not ready to leave your job (yet).


You want to expand your skill set and keep up to date with best-practice entrepreneurial business techniques in the new economy.

Delivered by Startup Experts

Designed & delivered by the team who created
Oxford’s MBA Entrepreneurship curriculum.

The course is taught by FounderCentric, a team of serial entrepreneurs with demonstrated experience and expertise in the relevant start-up area. It’s designed to tell you exactly what you need to know to start your business and help you avoid making costly mistakes.

Each intake is restricted to 40 or fewer students. You will have the chance to work closely with a group of like-minded people. There will be joint working sessions and lots of recommended resources to support you after the course.

The Curriculum 

Understand how to generate viable business ideas. Know how to de-risk your ideas before committing.

 Throw away your business plan and use this document to identify risks and design a better business.

Learn how to develop a viable business strategy. Understand how metrics influence your strategic direction.

Get to know your customers and spread the word. Marketing isn’t just advertising — it’s your entire product.

 Understand the art and science of sales. Manage your client base and deliver amazing customer service.

 Learn the critical aspects, such as equity split, when creating a team. Know how to use an advisory board to increase the power of your business.

 Understand your start-up’s different financing options. Know the only three bits of legal that you need to worry about for now.


This course is intense and practical.
No fluff — just solid tools and approaches to get your businesses up and running.

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Testimonials from Startup MBA Alum

“Massively eye-opening … Everything was completely actionable and the right steps were demystified.”
–Dominic Traynor, Startup MBA Alum

“I loved this class, period. It was well worth the money spent for the education & confidence.”
–Shawn O’Rourke, Startup MBA Alum

“The Startup MBA took away the fear of quitting my job and of starting up. The best things were to get to know and socialise with like-minded people, to find out (first-hand) that there is a supportive start-up community out there, and to be given a great toolkit to apply immediately and with confidence.”
–Vivian, Startup MBA Alum

“The startup MBA was a fantastic opportunity to be around inspiring, like-minded people. Rob’s tutoring really made sense of the process of starting a business and inspired the reality that it really is do-able!”
–Dave, Startup MBA Alum

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope. We kick off Saturday morning by coming up with a whole bunch of strong (and doable) business ideas. If you’ve already got an idea, this tends to make it stronger, and if you don’t have one yet, you should–at the very least–get a sense of what kinds of ideas are out there and which ones play to your strength.

No. Tech is pretty exciting for entrepreneurs, so we definitely spend some time there, but we also cover case studies ranging from scrappy restaurateurs to social enterprises. Most of the tools and approaches are helpful in any type of business or consulting.

The typical attendee is a 25-45 year olds working in law, marketing, accounting, finance, consulting, or HR with anywhere from a year to a decade’s worth of experience. They want to learn how to start their own businesses. About 25% of attendees have been over 40. Some are still at jobs and others have already escaped.

Everything you hear is first-hand experience coming from experienced founders who have put it to work across a range of industries and businesses. We won’t try to sell you any magic bullets or grueling frameworks.

If you come to the first full day (Saturday) and find it’s not for you, we’ll happily refund the whole course. We can also give a full refund in advance with 3 week’s notice. If you run into a scheduling conflict with less time than that, we’ll try to move your ticket to a future course (they run about monthly).

If you have any questions or would like to talk through whether the class is right for you, just send us a quick note and we’ll help you out.

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